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Spectra Logic CEO Featured on Recent CEO Podcast sponsored by Storage Switzerland

 NCTpodcast“Society’s Genome” author, Nathan C. Thompson, was the guest on a “MeetTheCEO” podcast on August 2, 2016. Nathan covers the storage business, Spectra Logic’s history, trends for the future — and how they all relate to the concepts outlined in his new book. Listen to the podcast here.

“Just like the spruce tree outside my window, there need to be spruce trees—there needs to be information—put in different locations to protect it. So that’s the theme of the book. We look at some of the risks we face and we go back to nature and look for reasonable solutions . . . There’s so much technology and science that we depend on . . . all that data—that digital universe—has become society’s genome. That’s what moves us forward; that’s what makes everything possible; that’s what allows us to progress as human beings.”

— Nathan Thompson, CEO, Spectra Logic