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Playing a part in the Digital Revolution

It’s here and we are all a part of it – the Digital Revolution. In my role at Sanity Solutions I am constantly searching for leading edge products and technologies that offer compelling advantages or paradigm shifts.  We then recommend those to enterprise IT clients to help them achieve their business imperatives such as faster time-to-business value, improved IT efficiencies, eliminating performance bottlenecks, and enabling new revenue streams.

To accomplish this, we at Sanity Solutions sell and integrate products from 27 different vendors across six areas of IT infrastructure, including Storage, Data Protection, Security, Cloud, Virtualization, and Data Center Architecture. In essence, we provide solutions that help our customers achieve their goals as they march forward in the Digital Revolution.

For more than 10 years, Sanity Solutions has partnered with Spectra Logic and I personally have worked with Spectra Logic for 20 years. During this time, I have found Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra, to be a real visionary and pioneer in both data management and data protection – a driving force in creating new strategies for digital preservation.

What I didn’t realize until I recently read his book, Society’s Genome, is the extent and breadth of Nathan’s knowledge of history and civilization as it relates to the Digital Revolution.  His new book was not only a great read, but also provided fascinating insights into the past as well as observations about the future as we together play a part in advancing the new Digital Age.